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Assistive Technology Localisation Framework

ICT Enablers has led the development of an Assistive Technology Localisation Framework. The  Assistive Technology Localisation Framework provides developers of assistive  technology with an overview of how you can make your assistive technologies suit a wide range of users around the world.  It will

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Horizon 2020 partnership?

ICT Enablers are looking for partnerships in Horizon 2020 calls aimed at accessibility and/or assistive technology. In particular ICT Enablers are interested in the call ICT-22. ICT Enablers are mainly interested in working with the following areas: 1. Better automatic

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European accessibility standard for public procurement

The European Standardization Organizations – CEN, CENELEC and ETSI – has announced the publication of a new European accessibility standard on accessibility requirements for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) products and services. This new standard (EN 301 549) is the

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ICT Enablers releases a free tool for persons with dyslexia

LineHighlight is a simple free open source software for persons with dyslexia that highlights (in yellow) the text line the user clicks on. It has been developed by Erik Zetterström and funded by ICT Enablers. Download and read more about

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Summary of Web Accessibility Resources

A lot of people I meet and talk to about web accessibility don’t know where to start getting basic information on the subject. Telling them to read WCAG 2.0 is not really fair as it is not really an easy

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Assistive technology toolbar to be developed

ICT Enablers have been funded by the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) to produce a Swedish version of ATbar. The funding was acquried by being one of the winners in the PTS innovation contest “Nåbar för alla”, roughly translated to “Reachable by

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Study on EPUB 3 and accessibility

ICT Enablers (in cooperation with ETU) contributed to this study by the Swedish Agency for Participation. “EPUB 3 study – analysis of publishing tool for EPUB 3, EPUB 3 readers and user tests” In summary EPUB 3 can offer great

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Agency for Participations calls for Opinions on Policy

The followiag is ICT Enablers response to the Agency for Participations Call for Opinions on Disability Policy (link in Swedish) What measures could be taken to increase the participation in society of people regardless of ability? Firstly, measures are needed to

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